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84% of consumers are likely to purchase frozen seafood. *
Put the power of Alaska Seafood's COOK IT FROZEN!® techniques to work in your freezer case.
Frozen seafood is one of the fastest-growing retail seafood categories, and with high-quality, portion-controlled frozen seafood from Alaska, there's no waste, no shrink, and no need to slack product in order to sell it. And that's a sure recipe for profits.

We'll provide everything you need to educate customers about the COOK IT FROZEN!® techniques and promote frozen Alaska seafood, from in-store merchandising materials to training, all free of charge. We can also help you create your own ads by providing logos, recipes, attractive food photography and copy assistance.




22"x28" Salmon Poster
3"x5" Tear Pad
COOK IT FROZEN!® Techniques E-Brochure
22"x28" Cod Poster
1.5"x2" On-Pack Recipe Leaflet
(61-004) Rolls of 100
3.5"x5" Static Cling