Alaska Seafood Brand

ASMI International monitors trends across the globe. ASMI has made strides in e-commerce in markets like China, Japan and the U.K., resulting in millions of dollars of Alaska seafood products sold online. Emerging markets offer an opportunity for ASMI to increase the overall value of the Alaska Seafood resource by growing worldwide demand. Each of ASMI’s overseas markets differ, but in all markets the Alaska brand is known for quality, purity, sustainability and great taste.



Fact: In China, 91% of consumers say, “Alaska seafood is better quality than the competition.”


Fact: In Japan, 93% of the trade feels that Alaska is a credible source of sustainable seafood.


Fact: In the U.K., 60% of households purchase Alaska seafood; about 500 different Alaska seafood products are available at the retail level.


Fact: In Spain, Portugal and Italy, 94% of the trade is aware of the inherent sustainability of Alaska Seafood.


Fact: In France, 1,300 white tablecloth restaurants are menuing high-end Alaska seafood species.


Fact: In Germany, 88% of retailers prefer Genuine Alaska pollock over other sources.


*Facts results are provided by third-party research conducted in 2014.

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