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Salmon: Salmon Lifecycle | Salmon Facts
The flavor of Alaska Salmon depends upon fat content and the environment in which it matured. Alaska's icy, pure waters and the abundance of natural food give Alaska Salmon unparalleled flavor. The fat content of salmon depends not only on the genetic make-up of each species, but also on its spawning cycle. The longer and more vigorous the freshwater trip, the more fat the fish will carry as it leaves the ocean.

King (Chinook) - Learn More
King (Chinook)
Sockeye (Red) - Learn More
Sockeye (Red)
Coho (Silver) - Learn More
Coho (Silver)
Pink (Humpback) - Learn More
Pink (Humpback)
Keta (Chum) - Learn More
Keta (Chum)

Whitefish: Whitefish Facts
Alaska Pollock, Halibut, Sole, Cod, and Black Cod are grouped as whitefish, all with a lean, flaky white flesh that is generally mild in flavor, with the exception of Black Cod. Each species also boasts specific flavor and texture characteristics of its own.

Alaska Halibut - Learn More
Alaska Halibut

Alaska Black Cod - Learn More

Alaska Black Cod

Alaska Pollock - Learn More
Alaska Pollock

Alaska Cod - Learn More
Alaska Cod

Alaska Surimi Seafood
- Learn More
Alaska Surimi Seafood

Shellfish: Shellfish Facts
Harvested from the icy waters of Alaska, Alaska Shellfish is always sweet, succulent, tender and flavorful. It is also nutritious and low in fat.

King Crab - Learn More
King Crab

Alaska Dungeness Crab - Learn More
Alaska Dungeness Crab

Snow Crab - Learn More
Snow Crab

Alaska Scallops - Learn More

Alaska Scallops with Shells

Alaska Spot Prawns
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Alaska Spot Prawns