Seafood Market Info

ASMI’s Seafood Market Information Services provide the latest analysis of market conditions and news on the performance of Alaska’s seafood product portfolio. The Seafood Market Information Service is funded by a portion of the seafood marketing tax paid by Alaska seafood processors. McDowell Group provides the service as a contractor to Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI).


Seafood Market Bulletin

The Seafood Market Bulletin is currently published twice a year, provides the latest analysis of market conditions and news on the performance of Alaska’s seafood product portfolio and is available online to permit holders, processors, and other industry participants free of charge. It is funded by ASMI and produced by McDowell Group.


Economic Value Report

ASMI produces a report measuring the economic impact of the Alaska seafood industry in the state of Alaska (statewide and regionally), in Washington State, and in the U.S. economy overall. This report considers all of the direct, indirect, and induced economic effects of the Alaska seafood industry, including the entire value chain, from harvest to retail sales. The report also provides background information on harvest volume and value, production volume and value, and participation within Alaska’s seafood industry.


Industry Report Card Survey

Every 3 to 4 years, ASMI surveys direct marketers, smaller processors, larger processors, and fishermen to get a detailed view of how ASMI’s marketing efforts and results are perceived by industry members. This information is critical to guiding strategic direction.


Alaska Seafood Market Update Presentation – March 31, 2017

Presented at ComFish 2017, ASMI and McDowell Group teamed up to share Alaska seafood’s current state in the global marketplace. This presentation covers where your catch is going, the value at home and abroad, and how global economics create challenges and opportunities for Alaska seafood.