Alaska Whitefish Varieties


Wild Alaska Whitefish make their home in the coldest, cleanest, most bountiful seas on Earth. It is in these ideal, natural conditions that wild Alaska Whitefish flourish - abundant in number, Alaska Halibut Recipeunparalleled in flavor. The four distinct species of Alaska Whitefish - Cod, Halibut, Sole and Pollock, plus Surimi Seafood (processed from Alaska Pollock), each offer their own unique and varied appeal, while sharing a singular reputation as the world's finest.

The Home Of Superior Whitefish

The icy, challenging waters of the Gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea are home to four main varieties of Alaska Whitefish. With 34,000 miles of coastline, Alaska is a remarkably wild and bountiful natural resource - producing over 50% of the nation's seafood harvest. Alaska's commercial fishermen are expert in wild seafood harvesting techniques - dedicated to preserving the superb natural quality of their catch from the moment it breaks the water to its delivery at your door.

Commitment To The Highest Quality Standards

Alaska fishermen and processors follow stringent guidelines to ensure that only the best handling and processing techniques are used. Alaska Whitefish is temperature controlled and frozen within hours of harvest to lock in its fresh-caught flavor and texture.

Our reputation for food safety and product integrity is further assured by federal agencies such as the FDA. In fact, the FDA used Alaska as a model in the development of the new mandatory HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) seafood regulation program, a science-based program which monitors critical control points in seafood safety.

In addition, the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute works to promote safe seafood handling practices among foodservice professionals through sponsorship of ServSafe, a nationally recognized food safety certification and training program that educates foodservice employees on safe food handling and preparation methods.

Consistent And Abundant Supply

Alaska is the world's largest source of pollock - as much as 3.3 billion pounds are harvested annually in Alaskan waters. 95% of the halibut harvested in the U.S. comes from Alaska, and Alaska supplies ten times the amount of cod harvested anywhere else in the U.S. Alaska is also a major supplier of sole and surimi seafood products (processed from Alaska Pollock). With its superior natural resources and progressive resource management program, Alaska can promise foodservice operators a consistent and abundant supply of quality whitefish varieties year-round.

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