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The Big Appeal of Smaller Portions
The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute has developed 10 high-impact recipes designed for serving Alaska seafood in smaller 4-6 oz. portion sizes, without sacrificing flavor. Smaller portions equal big value, healthy appeal and major customer satisfaction, especially when used to showcase wild Alaska seafood.

Versatile, delicious and sustainably abundant, Alaska seafood is a true premium ingredient, serving as the centerpiece of high-quality signature dishes that can be featured in smaller portion sizes, and priced in more affordable ways.

These innovative, economical recipes are featured in the new recipe book "Alaska Seafood: The Big Appeal of Smaller Portions" and are available online. Simply click on the recipe photos below to be redirected to the full recipe. There you can also download a printable version of each recipe.

Alaska Halibut

Alaska Kingdom
Crab Bites

Alaska Pollock

Creamy Alaska Crab
Penne Pasta Bake

Ginger-Soy Infused
Steamed Alaska Halibut

Grilled Alaska Salmon
Focaccia Sandwich

Grilled Tandoori
Alaska Cod

Rice Paper Wrapped
Alaska Salmon Rolls

Tamarind Glazed
Alaska Rockfish

Greek Grilled
Alaska Cod

For the full "Alaska Seafood: The Big Appeal of Smaller Portions" recipe book: