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  Introduction - Consumer Research

Consumer Research Results:
A Clear Preference for Wild, Natural & Sustainable "Alaska" Seafood

Consumer Trends and Seafood Preferences
This new consumer research completed in 2013, drew from 1020 consumers from across the country ranging in gender and ages, who frequent Quick Service Restaurants(QSR) or Casual Dining Restaurant Chains at least one time per week.

The key findings from the research indicate that consumers are eating fish/seafood both at chain restaurants and at home.

Consumers have very positive impresssions of Alaska fish/seafood and are looking for more fish/seafood variety, particularly entrees.

The research shows that the Alaska brand remains strong and seeing the word "Alaska" on a menu and/or an Alaska seafood logo on a menu would increase their likelihood of ordering an Alaska fish/seafood item.

"Taste", "Health Concerns" and "Variety" are the top reasons consumers select fish/seafood at a chain restaurant.

Downloadable PDF: Menu Alaska Consumer Research Results 2013