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Value with Five Ingredients or Less

Inspired by the ethnic cuisines of Asia, Latin America and the Mediterranean, these recipes created by The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) offer simple, flavorful, and affordable options that make it easy to include wild and sustainable Alaska seafood on your menu.

Each of these recipes contain five ingredients or less to add to your Alaska seafood. Chosen from around the world, the aromatic herbs and spices, tongue-tingling chiles, and distinctive marinades and rubs add a mouthful of flavor to these economical recipes.

These recipes are available below as PDFs. Simply download, print, and cook! The country that inspired each recipe is noted next to the recipe title, and each recipe is coded according to ethnic region: A for Asian, L for Latin, or M for Mediterranean.

Downloadable Recipes:
Alaska Halibut (PDF Download)
Alaska Cod (PDF Download)
Alaska Pollock (PDF Download)
Alaska Sole (PDF Download)
Alaska Black Cod (PDF Download)
Alaska King Salmon (PDF Download)
Alaska Sockeye Salmon (PDF Download)
Alaska Coho Salmon (PDF Download)
Alaska Keta Salmon (PDF Download)
Alaska Pink Salmon (PDF Download)
Alaska King Crab (PDF Download)
Alaska Snow Crab (PDF Download)
Alaska Dungeness Crab (PDF Download)
Alaska Scallops (PDF Download)

These recipes and many more are included in the Alaska Seafood Spice Pantry guide, which includes a total of 84 recipes developed by The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) as an industry service to the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI).

Click here to order the Alaska Seafood Spice Pantry guide (part # 39-014).