2010 Salmon Projection

Alaska Department of Fish and Game released its 2010 run forecasts and salmon harvest projections in February. The projection is normally within 10-20 percent of the actual harvest and provides an important “ballpark” figure for market supply of Alaska wild salmon.


Alaska Salmon Price and Production Reports

The Alaska Salmon Price Report (ASPR) covers wholesale volume and first wholesale value, by species and area, for six key Alaska salmon products. It is the primary data source for most of the salmon market analysis published by the Seafood Market Information Service. The report as published by Department of Revenue is specific to area but is summarized into statewide totals here. READ MORE

Canned Salmon Inventory and Sales

Alaska Department of Revenue released the Alaska Salmon Production Report in March. This provides data to make the January canned salmon inventory estimates, replacing the post-season canned salmon production estimates with actual production figures. READ MORE

Halibut and Sablefish Season Update

Sablefish and halibut make up less than 2 percent of Alaska’s total commercial harvest tonnage but typically account for 18 - 20 percent of total statewide ex-vessel value. The IFQ longline fisheries for halibut and sablefish opened March 6 and through mid-May the pace of landings is slightly above the five-year average for both halibut and sablefish. READ MORE

Groundfish and Flatfish

In response to concerns over age classes within the Alaska pollock stock, fishery managers with the North Pacific Fishery Management Council have taken precautionary measures by decreasing TACs. Over 1.5 million metric tons were harvested in both 2005 and 2006, but harvest declined to 855,000 MT by 2009. READ MORE




The Seafood Market Information Service is funded by a portion of the seafood marketing tax paid by Alaska seafood processors. McDowell Group provides the service as a contractor to Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI).

The Seafood Market Bulletin is currently published six times a year and is available online to permit holders, processors, and other industry participants free of charge. Sign up to receive email notification of the publication of new Seafood Market Bulletins.

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